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Contact - Publication system for extreme expeditions

A system for communication with palmtop computers and satellite phone, to automatically publish text, images, video and more for usage with extreme expeditions - e.g. to the North Pole, Mount Everest, Crossing the Pacific and many more. Omnisoft helped to develop and maintain the system and gave it an extensible, pluggable architecture. Read more.

Gepro - Document flow system of the European Parliament

A system for the handling of the flow of the European Parliament's requests for translated documents - from ordering, through planning and translation to distribution. The system has more than 1200 users, and is using "middle-thin" clients (Swing clients with intelligent functionality partitioning between clients and server), executing in an ordinary internet browser.

The system includes electronic forms with logic for immediate validation, handling of workflow and clear overview and administration. It provides functionality for giving sophisticated decision support to heads of divisions to match translation needs with available resources.

Omnisoft helped to clarify the architectural concerns of the system while migrating the entire system from an old platform, and designed and developed the Java clients of the system - some 40 000 lines of code. View image with small excerpts from the GUI look and feel.

Power-Network communication v.2 - extensible framework & administration system, IBM Svenska AB

An extension of  the existing power meter management system, to include manual commands, real-time alert message handling and redirection, automatic logging, and a plug-in architecture for different kinds of meters and logger types. A distributed multi-tier client-server system, tied together by a message handler, involving automatic dial-up, and easily extensible with customer applications. 

Omnisoft rewrote and extended the existing v.1 system, to include the above features, rewriting the system into an extensible framework, and ported the existing C++ low level communication code to Java. 

Java TextTv Application Kit

A framework for TextTv applications across the web, featuring advanced rendering, customized  fancy UI, and smart data transfer, reducing server load. The software system consists of existing "jig-saw fitting" application components, as well as a set of Java Beans for fast customized application development.

Java Framework for secure applet - middleware - database communication

An framework for the development of secure database transactions over the internet, including incremental and iterative design, essentially breaking the application down into multiple distinct tiers, making later targeting of the application towards different communication protocols (such as CORBA, RMI, HTTP tunnelling) and transaction layers more transparent and easier to implement.

Power-Network communication v.1, IBM Svenska AB

In a system designed to automatically send and retrieve data across power-networks for remote power meter management, Omnisoft made a fine tuning of the code, rewriting some critical components in Java, making the system run more smoothly and securely. The client-server system consisted of a multi-lingual complex hardware/software system, connected together by a message handler. 

Web Database System, Advanced Logic Technology SARL

A "100% pure Java" rich client web database system to handle database transactions over the internet, with secure searches & updates, permission validation at middleware level, email notification of significant changes etc. The system accesses a database, from a complex customized GUI, across the web.



This is a nice little  Omnisoft-developed demo of a small on-line bookshop. The purpose is to get a look & feel of a standard Java AWT Graphical User Interface, in an realistic example. 

Go to demo introduction page. 

TextTv Application

Our first major project was an embedded software and hardware product for consumer mass market - a TextTv application that would run within any Java enabled browser.

This was at the time a state of the art Java application, and featured several advanced Java techniques, which required a careful design of the architecture, e.g. 

  • multithreading
  • customized networking
  • advanced image handling
  • multiple animations with integrated UI components
  • speed optimized event handling and UI rendering
  • custom made UI components
  • Win95 DLL communication
  • custom database handling
  • running in any Java enabled browser
  • pluggable design and easily scalable

NewsRoller Component

This is a simple Omnisoft-developed component for presenting any real-time information in a small screen area, by slowly continuously scrolling information in a small window. It can be connected to a variety of data sources. 

Go to demo introduction page.

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